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This is a sacred place nestled in the Roanoke neighborhood. I've chosen to go to Camille because of her healing energy and nurturing spirit. She offers classes for Life's Journeys and an amazing massage technique called Lomi Lomi. Quiet. Very quiet. There is no music here, just the gently sound of your thoughts.She's a healer in my opinion, and she's amazing.Thank you. 
Jesseca C.

I have always felt wonderful and relaxed after visiting Body Axis, but I did not appreciate the restorative qualities of Camille's massage therapy until after I had knee surgery. I had gait changes and swelling after the surgery and had regular massages at Body Axis from Camille. I found that the massages had a cumulative effect leaving me much improved with less swelling, an easier gait and better balance. Camille supported the plans of my physical therapist, focusing on the muscles that I was retraining. Her studio is quiet, beautifully simple and smells wonderful. The oils she uses are so soothing that I don't shower for 24 hours to keep the feeling. 
Roberta O. Seattle, WA

Camille is an amazing healer. I experienced her hands of light with powerful results. As a vessel for energy that flows through her, she helped me to breakthrough obstacles to greater levels of success. After my session with her I was able to move through a major transition in life with grace and ease. 
D. Wolf

When I was faced with the possibility of making a major life change, Camille was the first person I turned to for guidance and encouragement. A caring advocate, Camille listened intently to my ideas. She challenged me to delve deeper and to understand the sources of my motivation. Over the course of several coaching sessions, Camille guided me gracefully towards a life change of my own creation. By inviting me to envision clear goals and desires, Camille helped me attain a rewarding new chapter along my life’s journey.                                           Stephanie W.

Camille has provided massage therapy to me for many years. In the last few years, she has helped with my recovery from surgery. She targeted the area of the incision which improved my healing in this area, and resulted in less scar tissue. Removing the stress in this area has had therapeutic benefits in adjacent tissue. My doctor is impressed with the difference in my incision area compared to her other patients. Thanks for the healing therapy, Camille                                              Diane M.

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