Lomilomi Kino.  

Lomilomi means "to make small," and Kino means "body".

How does Lomilomi work?  We start with the physical.  Various massage and energetic techniques remove congested layers. Your pain and discomfort are "broken up" literally into small pieces. 

Those "small pieces" are then easily removed from the body.  Lomi is one of few forms of bodywork that addresses toxicity and how your body deals with eliminating it.  Lomilomi is both holistic in approach and practice.  Natural flows are re-established both physically and energetically to the body.  

How does it feel to receive a lomi?  Receiving one is effortless. It feels like being put back together. No pain is generated while receiving a lomi. I focus is on removing pain, not creating it. The process is very much like peeling layers off an onion. Each session, layers are removed, allowing room for change which is gradual. There is no one "cure" for all therefore every individual is treated as unique.

For those with weak or compromised kino's I pratice Lomi Lima Li'i or Lima Loa which are more  energetic applications.

After addressing and assesing the physical for those that wish to delve deeper into the mental/emotional and spiritual side of things that door is left open and your choice. 



Camille has been practicing & teaching in the Seattle area since 1991. 

In 1993 I was introduced to Hawaiian Healing Arts and the practice of Ho'omana which led to further studies in Hula, the Hawaiian language and ultimately Lomilomi.  These have not only served as the foundation of my practice in the healing arts, but have become an integral way of life.